eSmart (Cyber-Safety)

eSmart, an initiative of the Alannah & Madeline Foundation, helps parents, teachers, librarians and the community to manage cyber risks, bullying and cyber bullying so that students feel safer and supported. Newcastle Libraries is proud to be an accredited eSmart library service. We are committed to guiding the smart, safe, and responsible use of digital technology and support wellbeing outcomes for all members of our community.

Children today are growing up in an increasingly online world. That’s why is more important than ever that we do more to support and guide our kids to develop a healthy and responsible relationship with technology. ySafe are leading cyber experts providing support and advice for parents, teachers, and students. Click through to the cybersafety hub which will provide you with visibility and understanding of how your child is using their devices and provide the advice and support you need to continue your children's digital development.

Access our range of cyber safety resources from the categories below:

Cybersafety: Kids
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