Broken Chains: Prisoners unlocking potential

How do you imagine going to prison would change your life? This exhibition by Damien Linnane seeks to destigmatize being a former prisoner and highlight what motivated people can accomplish both behind bars and after release.

Though often seen as a place of hopelessness and despair, Damien Linnane saw prison as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to write a novel and teach himself to draw. Other inmates have used the experience to pursue education, overcome drug-addiction, help their fellow inmates, lobby for freedom or even found an award-winning podcast. More still have found unexpected success after release as motivational speakers, professional actors, reality TV stars and even as political leaders and presidents. In all cases, these former inmates cite their prison experience as either a contributing or even the sole factor for their success.

The exhibition also explores the challenges inmates can often face inside, ranging from being denied education to disproportionate sentences. If you would like to hear about issues in prison directly from former inmates, you can listen to the Broken Chains Podcast, hosted by Damien Linnane and produced by Newcastle Libraries.

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