What is commemoration?


Celebration or Commemoration?

celebration is the act of showing appreciation. It could be a social gathering for entertainment or fun.

commemoration is a special time for remembering or honouring a person or event. A commemoration usually happens every year on the same date. This is often a serious occasion, where you remember lost lives, tragic events or offer respectful gratitude for sacrifices made by others in the past.

Knowing these definitions, think about the following questions:

  • What events do you celebrate with your family?
  • What events do you celebrate with your friends?
  • What events do you celebrate with your community?

On the other hand:

  • What events do you commemorate?
  • Do you commemorate these events with your school or community?
  • Are there any special dates you might commemorate just with your family?

Time to Sort: Are the following events celebrations or commemorations?

New Year's Eve

Birthday party

National Sorry Day

School graduation


Wedding Anniversary

Australia Day

Remembrance Day

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