Unbroken Records


Discover Unbroken Records, a podcast series about the stories that arise from the everyday objects of our lives.

In June 2022, twelve people, each with their own unique story, were drawn together from around the city of Newcastle.

The participants ranged in age from 73 to 92 years young. What happened in these workshops was a combination of luck and magic. It was an exercise in human connection which had been lacking for two years due to a global pandemic.

Over the course of four workshops, they were invited to engage creatively with their own stories, through journaling exercises, collaborative photographic practice, memory objects and the recording of this podcast.

In recording these voices and sharing these stories with you here, we continue an unbroken record of the many lives that make this city what it is.

Proudly supported by the Copley Bequest Pilot Research Fund, University of Newcastle and Newcastle Libraries.

Photo Credit: And Then

One: Wendy Raine - Volunteering An Independent Education

Unbroken_Records · Wendy Raine_Volunteering An Independent Education

Two: Maree Callaghan - A Complicated Badge of Honour: The Mark of a Trailblazer

Unbroken_Records · Maree Callaghan_A Complicated Badge of Honour: The Mark of a Trailblazer

Three: Gordon Amann - Sculpting A Journey

Unbroken_Records · Gordon Amann_Sculpting A Journey

Four: Ray Watterson - A Law of Helping Others

Unbroken_Records · Ray Watterson_A Law of Helping Others

Five: Annie Davey - The Parquetry Patchwork of a Family Secret

Unbroken_Records · Annie Davey_The Parquetry Patchwork of a Family Secret

Six: Barry Keen - A Light by Which to Live

Unbroken_Records · Barry Keen_A Light by Which to Live

Seven: Sandra Keen - Life Lessons in the Frame

Unbroken_Records · Sandra Keen_Life Lessons in the Frame

Eight: Nico Serras - Sculpting Bacchus: A Pleasure Story

Unbroken_Records · Nico Serras_Sculpting Bacchus: a pleasure story.

Nine: Margi Vercoe - An Angel, A Fairy and A Fisherman

Unbroken_Records · Margi Vercoe_An Angel, A Fairy & A Fisherman

Ten: Judy Wells - Cooking up a Life

Unbroken_Records · Judy Wells_Cooking up a Life

Eleven: Harold Franks - A Telegram to the Future

Unbroken_Records · Harold Franks_ A Telegram to the Future

Twelve: Alwyn Wardell - Coke the Cat and his Boy

Unbroken_Records · Alwyn Wardell_Coke the Cat & his Boy