The 1989 Newcastle Earthquake


NBN News Story from the night of 28 December 1989

Watch how NBN News covered the earthquake the day it happened:

Facts and figures

  • The earthquake claimed 13 lives: 9 people died at the Newcastle Workers Club, 3 people were killed in Beaumont Street Hamilton, and one person died of shock

  • 160 people were hospitalised

  • 50,000 buildings were damaged (approximately 40,000 of these were homes)

  • 300 buildings were demolished

  • 300,000 people were affected and 1,000 were made homeless

  • It left a damage bill estimated to be about $4 billion

  • The effects were felt over an area of about 200,000 sq. km, with isolated reports of movement up to 800km from Newcastle

  • Damage to buildings and facilities occurred within a 9000 sq. km region

  • The earthquake epicentre was at Boolaroo

  • One aftershock (M 2.1) was recorded on 29 December 1989

PowerPoint Presentation Photo Study – Before 1989. The Earthquake. Now

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