Online Library Programs

The Humble Lecture 2022 with Ronni Kahn

Join us online for Ronni Kahn's inspirational keynote address on food waste, the circular economy and finding your passion. Learn about some new sustainable and circular economy initiatives happening in Newcastle.

Ronni Kahn AO is a social entrepreneur who founded the food rescue charity, OzHarvest. She is a passionate advocate and activist, a lead spokesperson on food waste. She is always on the lookout for innovative ways to tackle inequality and inspire people all over the world to find their own purpose.

Author Talks

Author Talk: Adam Courtenay The Ghost and the Bounty Hunter

Join us online to meet Adam Courtenay as he talks about his new book.The Ghost and the Bounty Hunter is a story about William Buckley and John Batman - the man who founded Melbourne. It is a microcosm of Australian colonial history, setting Batman’s unbridled ambition against Buckley’s yearning to keep his adopted Wadawurrung tribe and language alive.The story is about betrayal and double-dealing, but also about reconciliation and cross-cultural exchange. Above all it is the story of love – the love of one man for a people who were destined to be scattered and displaced.The expression: "You've got Buckley's" is derived from William Buckley’s story.

Author Talk: Susan Francis and Lee Christine - Murder and Memoir

Join in our online author talk with two local authors Lee Christine - 'Charlotte Pass' - and Susan Francis - 'The Love that Remains'. This delightful conversation explores their stories, their writing journey and their love of ‘our town’. Together, over a glass of wine, they discuss Newcastle, the publication process and naturally, their brand-new books.

CREATE2020 Online Maker Tutorials

Get creative and learn new skills with access to four free online tutorials! Try your hand at painting a ceramic plate, creating a mandala or upcycled book sculpture. Local artists will guide you through the steps to create something special.

Magical Mandalas - Online Maker Tutorial

Mandalas are used in art therapy to guide mindfulness and to create visual representations of our emotions.In this tutorial Bree Cunningham will demonstrate how you can use geometric and stylised shapes to create repetitive patterns to help restore a sense of healthy mental balance.

Download the instructions and materials list ( DOCX 260KB)

Upcycled Book Sculpture - Online Maker Tutorial

Join Artist Leesa Maree for a fun upcycle tutorial repurposing old books into an extraordinary works of art. The butterfly will be used as the theme to sculpture paper patterns cascading out of your book giving new life to your retold story! You can also create your own design using the step-by-step instructions as a guide. An imaginative tutorial with a sustainability edge.

Download the materials list and step by step instructions: Materials List and Instructions (PDF 289KB) or Materials List and Instructions (DOCX 191KB)

Ceramics by Teval - Online Maker Tutorial

This tutorial with Teval Guner will give you the confidence to glaze bisqued stoneware plate with your personal designs and creations.

Download the materials list and step by step instructions: Materials List and Instructions (PDF 185KB) or Materials List and Instructions (DOCX 102KB)

Online Zine Workshop

Presented by local writer, musician and zinemaker Bastian Fox Phelan, join Newcastle Libraries for an online workshop on all things Zines. Learn about the history & subculture of zines, different types of zines, and how to fold and make your very own.

Online Street Art Workshop with UP&UP

Tune in for this very special online workshop with Newcastle street art legends UP&UP. Go in depth into the history and subculture of street art in Newcastle and try your hand at graffiti lettering and imagery. Wrap it up by checking out a brand new piece take shape in front of your eyes!