Memory Kits


Want to try something new with someone you know living with dementia? What about borrowing one of our Memory Kits?

Each Memory Kit has a different topic, with resources to spark memories, stimulate conversation and provide entertainment. These kits are designed for people living with dementia and provide fun for all.

Enquire at one of our branches today or search the Newcastle Libraries catalogue.

Frequently asked questions

Our Memory Kits are kits specifically designed for people living with dementia (and similar conditions), and their families and support workers.  

  • The kits are designed to stimulate memories, encourage conversation, and provide entertainment.  
  • Each kit is built around a theme eg. In the Garden, Our Aussie birds, etc. 
  • There are 8 items in each kit – a combination of books, CDs, DVDs and activities, specifically chosen for people living with dementia. 
  • You can use our Memory Kits in an individual home or in a care home setting. 

Any library member can borrow a Memory Kit, but they are specifically made for people living with dementia (and similar conditions), their families and carers or for use in a care home setting. 

You can browse our Memory Kit collection at Wallsend Library.

You can also reserve a memory kit online via our app or library catalogue,visit your local Newcastle Libraries branch or give us a call.

We will send the kit to your preferred library for pick-up.

You can borrow our Memory Kits for a 4 week loan with up to 3 renewals as required.

You can renew your loan on a Memory Kit online via our app or online catalogue or by calling or visiting your local Newcastle Libraries branch.

Our Memory Kits are bulky items that don't fit in our library return chutes, so please return them to a library staff member at your local Newcastle Libraries branch.