Bobby Bostic

Bobby Bostic was sentenced to 241 years in prison for two armed robberies he committed in Missouri on the same day when he was 16. During the robberies one person received a graze from a gunshot and another was detained for several minutes. Nobody was seriously injured.

Bobby has been in prison since 1995 and is serving the longest sentence ever given to a child in Missouri for non-homicide offences. The judge who sentenced him, Evelyn Baker, has publicly stated Bobby’s sentence is the only one she regrets giving after 25 years as a judge. She is now campaigning for his release. Only a change in the law or a pardon from the Missouri Governor can grant Bobby freedom, who is otherwise only eligible for parole when he is 112.

While in prison, Bobby has written over a dozen books, seven of which have been published and are available on Amazon. He has also used the time to complete his high school equivalency, over 30 short courses and an associate degree. He is currently completing a bachelor’s degree and, if he is ever released, has hopes of launching a charity aimed at reaching out to disadvantaged youth.

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