Bosc Pear

3: Bosc Pear, Peter Masters 2013
This still life of a Bosc Pear owes little less to digital trickery than first appear. I shot this pear in my backyard and hit it with a very bright light. And hitting it with a bright light brought out all this psychedelic colour and texture in the pear that give it the distinctive look in the still life. 

The background was in the same garden and it was simply a garden tile, enhanced a bit with its colouration. But these were the shapes and textures sitting there in the tile, just behind the pear. The reflection is digital and it’s there to add a base, to give some solidity to make the whole look more 3 dimensional than it would be without the reflection.  

I think it’s a satisfying image - one of nature’s perfect shapes. The Bosc Pear.  

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