I'd like to wind up my tour through my exhibition by juxtaposing these two images - Giverny and Bundanoon. 

I’ve often hung them side by side in galleries and in people’s homes, but when you first look at them you might wonder well whether they work together and what is it about these two shots that make them harmonise.  

Well in particular it’s the structure. They are both similarly structured. When you look at them, the rule of thirds is kind of obeyed where the focal point is about a third of the way down the photograph in the centre. The frontal image, the foreground, the kangaroos in one, the water lilies in the other give you one layered dimension but the next layered dimension - the garden shed and the compost bin in one and the beautiful green bridge and boat in the next give way to the beautiful backdrop of very very different landscapes, very very different foliage. But in many ways these photographs owe a lot to each other. Taken in somebody’s backyard, each one on a different side of the planet and I enjoy how they work together and what they have to say about each other.    

Thank you for coming with me on my journey through my 23 photographs in my exhibition, Peter.
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