Water Dragon

1: Water Dragon, Peter Masters 2014                               

Animals make wonderful subjects for photography. Making their portraits always fills me with a sense of wonder. This particular one is of an Eastern Water Dragon, a very Australian creature, prehistoric, muscular, beautiful things to look at. You used to find them all over the east coast. This particular one was sitting up in Coffs Harbour around a swimming pool. I was amazed as I watched it because every now and then it would dive into the pool and do laps right around the pool under water. I found out subsequently that they can hold their breath underwater for 90 minutes, which is pretty exceptional. But luckily for me he came out to dry in the sun. And by lying down on my stomach and creeping up towards him with my camera I was able to get probably within about a metre and he would let me sit there and we would stare each other down.

I call this portrait a self portrait and the reason for that is because if you look in the eye you will see me perfectly mirrored. So self portrait in the eye of a water dragon has been a very successful image for me but I love the stare, I love the prehistoric scaly armour of these creatures. If you look into its eye you will see my elbow propped up and a good look will find the camera at the top of my head.       

Newcastle Libraries ยท Eye Of The Water Dragon


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