9: Ammonite, Peter Masters 2020

This is a cross-section of an Ammonite, a fossil over 200 million years old. I found the original of this piece while having a visit to the annual fair of the Newcastle Lapidary Club where they have so many amazing fossilised pieces - opal, granite - just incredible to go there and just look at the lovely pieces of rock and the quartz, and marvel at nature’s ingenuity.

But nothing more beautiful than this, with it’s perfect Fibonnaci curve, the spiraling that goes on and on - this is a real example of fractals in nature which you see everywhere around you in pine cones, in the unfurling of a palm tree. It is a really, really lovely look. I borrowed it from the Lapidary Club, took it outside into the sunshine, laid it down on a piece of cement footpath and photographed it there. Later I added the digital reflection underneath - again to give it solidity and balance. I think the spiral is amazingly beautiful form of nature.

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Newcastle Libraries · Ammonite