Blue Nautilus

7: Blue Nautilus, Peter Masters 2015
This polished Nautilus shell had its origins in Cairns in North Queensland where I purchased it, took advantage of its Mother of Pearl sheen to hit it with a blue green light, laid it up against a black velvet background and digitally added a reflection underneath.
The purpose of the digital reflection is to give it a base so that it appears solid and balanced and standing up rather than laying down as it was. Part of the reason for this being a satisfying image is because the Nautilus represents perfectly nature’s perfect form, the Fibonacci curve which mathematically is represented as pi, 22/7.  

Over the centuries great artists have used this particular mathematical structure represented as the golden mean to structure their masterpieces. Leonardo da Vinci was one of these and the Mona Lisa is structured in this same way.   

This is part of a limited edition. It’s on canvas - a metre by a metre. It’s been a very, very popular and well sold image for me. And I’m a bit worried as I running out of it’s limited edition and coming to the end of its time. But I like it very much and I hope you enjoy it as well.  

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