Peter Masters: Bio

Peter Masters is a Newcastle based photographer. He grew up in Mayfield and recently has returned from 20 years in Sydney where he held many successful exhibitions of his work. He has been involved in art photography for more than 30 years. His work has a unique, painterly style accentuated by its presentation on archival, museum grade canvas.

Historically, the ocean has been a constant theme, with exhibition titles such as “Saltwater” and “The Zen of the Sea.” But more recently his work has evolved to take on new themes and new directions. Still lifes and black and white animal portraits are a constant but he is most passionate about conceptual photography where layers of different elements are composited into a coherent idea. These are works of the imagination where symbolism is at play with stories and concepts. His current conceptual series celebrates strong women and their connection with the natural world.

Peter has won awards for his photography, most notably in the USA, for his black and white work. “I am focused on building my reputation as an art photographer. All of my energy is going into exploring what I hope is a unique style. I am focusing on the rhythms and spirit of everything around me. I am looking forward to presenting my work at Newcastle Library in June.”

To see more of Peter Masters’ photography, go to:
Instagram: @studioqube
Peter Masters retains copyright of his photographs. 

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