Port Kembla Pool

21: Port Kembla Pool, Peter Masters 2019 

Of all the images that I am exhibiting here this one is probably the one that owes the most to digital construction or reconstruction, if you like.

The original is of Port Kembla Pool but it’s been pared back quite a bit - towels removed, flippers removed from the side, garbage tins removed and the swimmer is actually the same swimmer, three different times.

The little Ibis in the top left was hanging around but he was really in the front of the image and not sitting up on top. But I think it balanced the images quite nicely and it makes to me an art deco construction that is actually in the spirit of Port Kembla Pool.

It’s a great place. If you get the chance to go and have a look at it, it’s one of the wonderful 100 ocean baths/wonders of Australia.

This image I hope owes a little bit to Jeffery Smart and his pared down realism. In the end the muted colour palette, the quite pleasant sky, I think it makes it a very relaxing and peaceful Australian image.

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Newcastle Libraries · Port Kembla Pool