A Poto Roo

The Poto Roo, or Kangaroo Rat. The head is flat sideways… The ears are neither long nor short, but much like those of a mouse… The fore legs are short in comparison to the hind. Their hind legs are long, and it is in their power to stand either on the whole foot, or on the toes only. The tail is long. The hair on the body is rather thin; it is of two kinds, a fur, and a long hair, which last becomes exterior from its length. It is of a brownish-grey colour, something like the brown, or grey, rabbit, with a tinge of a greenish-yellow. It has a pouch on the lower part of the belly, the mouth opens forwards, and the cavity extends backwards to the pubis, where it terminates; on the abdominal surface of this pouch are four nipples or two pair, each pair placed very near the other.

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