14: Pomegranate, Peter Masters 2020 

I enjoy still lifes. The shut down because of Covid19 has given me a lot of time to explore this side of my photography. Certainly in the visual arts, putting together a few simple elements in either painting or photographing them would seem to be an easy thing to do. But the truth is that it’s rather difficult to get visual elements to all blend together harmoniously. To get the harmony of colours, of textures, of palettes, and to get it all to feel right is really difficult    

I’ve spent a lot of time looking at the oil paintings of the Dutch Masters to try and see what made them so successful. And if this is successful, it’s very much because it’s standing on the shoulders of some giants of previous centuries. I borrowed or was inspired by this kind of set up - two simple elements - grapes, a pomegranate. And I guess a third element in the dark wood breadboard.    

Setting this up in my garden was a lot of fun. I think it’s successful. I like it. It’s hopefully not too much stolen from its predecessors. I like to think it’s more inspired by the brilliance of wonderful artists in the past.   

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Newcastle Libraries · Pomegranate