Tomorrow's Future Today

Tomorrow's Future Today - Youth Action for the Sustainable Development Goals

What are the Sustainable Development Goals? In this series we take an in depth look at how young change makers are challenging the status quo to create a better future today.

Episode One: Join us to learn about the impact of the Sustainable Development Goals and how they’re being put into action in Newcastle, Australia. We explore the ways local people and organisations are working towards a healthier planet. We find out how communities are coming together and building better relationships, de-stigmatising mental heath issues and creating a more equitable society. We talk to young entrepreneurs bringing environmental and socials impacts into their business. And we look at the how building relationships and working together with different organisations can have a huge impact in improving people’s lives and the environment.

Episode Two: We live in an age of increasing online connection, but at the same time we are seeing ever-growing social isolation. Join us this week as we chat to Jamie from the Youth Frontiers mentoring program and Byron from Headspace Newcastle. They explore the importance of talking about mental health & wellbeing, how building real-world social connections can have a massive positive impact, and how local groups and organisations are working to create a more inclusive, equitable community.

Episode Three: What are the ways that businesses can help address environmental and social issues? How can we earn a living as well as benefiting others? Social entrepreneurship is a hot topic right now and for good reason. In this episode we talk to Melissa McCabe, founder of CoreEthics, a country-spanning organisation working to bring about a sustainability revolution in in Indonesia’s tourism industry.

Episode Four: Environmental issues like climate change can seem huge & out of our reach, but there is an increasing groundswell of passionate young people stepping up to meet the challenges head on. Join us this week as we catch up with a Jo from the Hunter Community Environment Centre and Alexa from School Strike for Climate and hear how these inspiring young people have found purpose and community in the fight to save our planet.

Episode Five: Most of this series has looked at ways that people can make change from the ground up. In this episode we look at how organisations like the United Nations are working to deliver programs and build partnerships to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Join us as we talk with Dr. Temitope Egbelakin, director of CIFAL Newcastle about how her organisation is building partnerships and affecting change right here in Newcastle.

Episode Six: For our final episode we go full circle and head right back to SDG 1. Poverty alleviation is at the core of all action to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Join us as we talk with Asha McNeil about her work volunteering with the Newcastle Poverty Action Alliance. Asha’s inspirational story demonstrates how young people can get involved and make a difference to the everyday lives of people in our community.