Your Summer Stories 2022/23

Your Summer Stories 2022/23

Your Summer Stories includes a curated selection of 7 must read titles, a conversational podcast series and two very special events in October and February.

Episode One: Newcastle Libraries is happy to bring you another 7 sizzling summer reads. Skye, Karen and Pat have been reading through our exciting titles and are here to introduce you to this summer’s number 1 must-read list.

Episode Two: Jaye Ford chats to Chris Hammer about his stunning new thriller The Tilt. Listen at the link below or watch the video.

Episode Three: Karen Eastwood meets Stella Prize winning author Heather Rose to chat about her luminous and compelling memoir Nothing bad ever happens here.

Episode Four: Melanie Sargeant introduces us to one of her favourite authors Holly Throsby about her 3rd novel, the clever and captivating Clarke.

Episode FiveKirsty Manning is the author of 6 best-selling books. Today she will be talking to Pat Annetts about her latest novel, The Paris Mystery, the first of a new series with reporter turned amateur sleuth Charlie James.

Episode Six: Garry Disher’s new novel Day's End, returns to the outback town of Tiverton, the rural beat of local cop Paul Hirschhausen where all is not as bucolic as you would expect. Dan Cox talks to Garry about Hirsch’s latest travails.

Episode Seven: Skye Jones and the charming Fleur McDonald chat about her new breathtaking novel of rural suspense Broad River Station.